Wellness Area

The Orée Beauté SPA is a wellness area open to external customers offering a range of treatments signed by 3 brands with a strong identity:


Omnisens :
A range of luxury treatments carefully selected to provide rich sensations, natural benefits and wellness. Omnisens covers five unique themes of beauty and wellness.

Each has its own fragrances, textures, ingredients and movements for a complete experience.


Charmes d’Orient :
Experience pure harmony, feel at one with yourself and your surroundings. The art of wellness and the rituals of beauty are part of a universal cultural heritage. That is the true meaning of Charmes d’Orient.


Forê :
Made by Laboratoires Phytodia, the Forê range of treatments are 100% natural and additive-free, with plant extracts from the Vosges and Alsace regions of France, including arnica and cherry. Drawing on science to extract all the benefits of plants is Laboratoires Phytodia’s philosophy.



The Orée Beauté is a unique sensory experience.

The  Heat Center :
A 60m² sensory space with constant humidity and a temperature of 32°C, including a hammam, sauna, two sensory showers, a relaxation area and a tisanerie where guests can sip invigorating infusions.

1 hour, €10 - 2 hours, €15