Le Cav’O, wine cellar in the Vosges

Wine cellar

At L'Orée du Bois (independent entrance) open to outside customers, le Cav’O at Vittel, welcomes you every day to help you discover the best wines and spirits from here and elsewhere.

You will find local products, wines from the Grand Est region, eau de vie from Mirabelles of Lorraine, Lorrain and Alsatian whiskey, a selection of wines from the most internationally recognized houses, but also small winemakers for lovers of small chosen domains who make the authenticity of our French heritage.

Also a selection of wines from around the world that will delight the most curious taste buds. Le Cav’O is also an eclectic range of spirits, rums, whiskeys, gins ...

The warm and friendly atmosphere will be ideal for tasting on the spot and choosing the wines that will find their place on your tables or to offer, always on the good advice of the wine merchant.

Wine bar

Le Cav’O is also a wine bar that can accommodate around 20 people. You can come and relax with a glass of wine accompanied by a platter of cold meats or Italian cheeses.

Give yourself to an epicurean break, a convivial moment, under the sign of gluttony, in this wine bar in Vittel, at l'Orée du Bois.

Le Cav’O offers themed tasting evenings commented by the wine merchant or by the producers and afterwork evenings every Thursday. The place also lends itself to the organization of your private and professional events by privatizing the place.

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Notice to gourmets: Le Cav'O offers a wide selection of gourmet products, salty and sweet, selected for their quality, including products from the house De Neuvic, labeled for its work in organic farming and respect for the animal cause specialized in caviar and its derivatives or from Maison Valrhona, recognized for the quality of its chocolates.